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Do you or someone you care about have a criminal record?

We can help! Let 7th Step guide you through the process of obtaining a pardon or record suspension.

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The Seventh Step Pledge

Knowing that my freedom depends upon my thoughts and actions, I hereby pledge:

To face and accept the truth about myself, to maintain my freedom, to become a useful member of society, to help others, as I am now being helped.

About 7th Step

7th Step is a program designed to help offenders and ex-offenders change their behaviour and attitudes using a basic self-help philosophy. Its fundamental principles are realistic thinking and positive peer pressure.

In the history of corrections, there has never been a program, which could conclusively reach and motivate to change the hard-core convict population.  The Seventh Step, self-help program was initially designed to reach those men and women who have many convictions.  They are strong men and women who often are leaders within the structured institutional environment.

This program does not have the answer to problems of re-motivation, but it does have an answer…. a much-needed answer for a group which wields great influence both inside and outside of prison.