Prison Gates7th Step is a program designed to help the  recidivist offender change their behavior and attitudes using a basic self help philosophy.  It’s fundamental principles are realistic thinking and positive peer pressure.

In the history of penology there has never been a program, which could conclusively reach and motivate to change the hard-core convict population.  The Seventh Step, self-help program was initially designed to reach those men and women who are many time losers.  They are strong men and women who often are leaders within the structured institutional environment.

This program does not have the answer to problems of re-motivation, but it does have an answer…. a much needed answer for a group which wields great influence both inside and outside of prison.

We are a PEOPLE REFORM organization….
”not a Prison Reform”.

It is a viable force to prisoners because it utilizes common sense and example as weapons towards re-motivation. The Seventh Step programs are directed toward developing normal social and constructive approached to living in the community upon release.

Our self-help philosophy can help incorrigible and recidivist offenders to change their behaviour and attitudes and help them become productive members of the community.

The Seventh Step Society of Canada is a Foundation of Provincial and Territorial organizations, promoting and developing the self-help  Seventh Step philosophy in Canadian institutions and communities. Our Objectives are;

  1. To assist, develop and foster, a spirit of self-reliance by way of cooperation among its members and other ex-convicts, so as to achieve the rehabilitation of ex-convicts;
  2. To provide a weekly forum for the full and free discussion of all matters of mutual interest among ex-convicts;
  3. to originate and promote improvements in the general welfare of the members and ex-convicts;
  4. To promote the theory and practice of the principles of good citizenship and co-operation;
  5. To provide public education in the area of crime and criminal rehabilitation.

Can Offenders be Involved with Their Own Freedom?

In 1988, a researcher and former prison educator named Mark Hamm called Seventh Step the prototype or basis for all peer support groups for offenders that followed it. His article, “Current perspectives on the prisoner self-help movement” was written approximately half-way between 1963, when Seventh Step was formed by Bill Sands and Rev. James Post, […]